About me

My name is Leonie Lindo I am a front-end developer with a passion for building web sites, web solutions and web based applications. Having being involved in numerous website development cycles I enjoy being involved with the way web sites are structured, along with how the user experience comes together, to the way in which creative visual ideas are translated into robust code. I have acquired a wealth of real time, real world experience over the years in the front-end development field.

I’m always constantly trying to keep abreast of the latest information in web developments, web orientated tools and techniques, although some times keeping on top of associated front-end developments can feel as though I’m running a marathon. I have increasingly become proactively involved in responsive web development, recently re-engineering this web site to exhibit a fluid and responsive behavior, using adaptive development techniques. I am very keen to remain involved in projects that utilize responsive web techniques, which not only cater for the desktop environment but mobile and tablet devices, contemporary to the evolving way in which we communicate, on a daily basis. As such I can see that responsive design will become a more common practice, incorporated in web site infrastructures, now and way in to the future.

Proficient in hand coding with a passion for building to W3C standards, along with incorporating semantic markup and accessible techniques, gives me the ability to provide and contribute to improving the ‘user experience’. I continue to build upon my existing skills and disciplines, adhering to contemporary industry standards and best practices. In addition, I am always actively learning new and improved methods and web technologies, with a passion for progressive accessibility practices.


Creative to html

I translate creative Photoshop visuals into an online solution and template them for integration with a CMS or to use for non-CMS sites which could be integrated into a .Net, Java or php environment I do this by using the following skills:

  • HTML5 and XHTML
  • CSS 2, 3 and SASS
  • Web validation
  • Version tools: TFS, SVN and Git
  • Project environments: Agile and Waterfall

Funtionality and User experience

I believe in creating an enjoyable, memorable user experience and consistent interaction I do this by using:

  • jQuery (JavaScript library)
  • Font replacement - @font-face, webfonts.com, google fonts, font-squirrel
  • Google maps
  • Cross browser development and testing
  • Multiple platform development and testing


I build sites to the W3C guidelines and check usablity i.e see how intuitive the site is for target audience to use. It takes understanding how to develop with semantic code in order to build and accessible web solution although integrated environment sites (e.g. CMS, .Net) often require a diligent level of effort to attain a level of accessibility.

I carry out my accessibility covering the following:

  • Following Web Accessibility Inititive(WAI) WCAG 2.0 guidlines: Semantic use of headings, long description, Text alternatives, Time-based media, Keyboard access, Navigatable content etc...
  • Readability – ensuring proper use of fonts and colours to make site easier to read and understand
  • Text resizing proofing
  • Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyser found on Juicy Studios site
  • Assistive tecnology: Screen readers (JAWS, NVDA)
  • Javascript/Flash alternative versions

Standards & Validation

I ensure that a site has been built to web standards and that the build is accessible and readable.

I have summarised my checklist as follows:

  • HTML standard – Semantic markup according to the DOCTYPE
  • CSS standards – Correct separation of structural code from presentational code and the correct way to target different browsers.
  • Site optimization – correct image format, getting rid of redundant code etc...
  • Web validation
  • WAI–ARIA The Web Accessibility Initiative
  • Readability – adjustable font size, color contrast etc...
  • Cross browser testing

Tools and experience

  • HTML5
  • (X)HTML standards (W3C)
  • CSS 2, 3 and SASS
  • ASP.NET Web forms environment
  • ASP.NET MVC Razor engine enviroment
  • Orchard
  • TFS, SVN and Git
  • JQuery
  • Worked in Agile environment
  • Web validation
  • Web Accessibility: Readability
  • Web Accessibility: WAI-ARIA
  • Assistive tecnology: JAWS, NVDA
  • Cross browser development and testing
  • Multiple platform development and testing
  • webfonts.fonts.com
  • sIFR - font replacement
  • Cufon - font replacement
  • Fusion charts
  • Google Map


Below are a few of the projects that I have worked on.

I have re-engineered this site as a fluid responsive site adpating to the device the site is being viewed on, also an alternative mobile view using jQuery can be experienced at theboxroom.net/mobile