Leonie Lindo

UI Developer
and an aspiring UX Designer.

About me

My name is Leonie Lindo I am a front-end developer with a passion for building web sites, web solutions and web based applications. Having being involved in numerous website development cycles I enjoy being involved with the way web sites are structured, along with how the user experience comes together, to the way in which creative visual ideas are translated into robust code. I have acquired a wealth of real time, real world experience over the years in the front-end development field.

I have increasingly become proactively involved in responsive web development, recently re-engineering this web site to exhibit a fluid and responsive behavior, using adaptive development techniques. I am very keen to remain involved in projects that utilize responsive web techniques, which not only cater for the desktop environment but mobile and tablet devices, contemporary to the evolving way in which we communicate, on a daily basis.

Proficient in hand coding with a passion for building to W3C standards, along with incorporating semantic markup and accessible techniques, gives me the ability to provide and contribute to improving the ‘user experience’. I continue to build upon my existing skills and disciplines, adhering to contemporary industry standards and best practices. In addition, I am always actively learning new and improved methods and web technologies, with a passion for progressive accessibility practices.


You can download Grayscale for free on the preview page at Start Bootstrap.

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